Litter Pick

Published: 14 April 2021

Funtington Litter Pick

We recently organised a litter pick along the B2146 between Funtington and East Ashling in order to clear the verges before the grass starts to regrow. Most of the litter was plastic, having been blown from who knows where, but of course we found plenty of the main culprits - MacDonald and KFC wrappers and many Red Bull cans. In the end we collected six bags of rubbish and an assortment of other larger things, including a fluorescent strip light, a sand bag, a car roof bar and a spare trailer wheel.

Following an email to Chichester District Council, the rubbish was collected that same day by the Street Cleansing team.

N.B. in order to meet Covid-19 restrictions, we worked in two pairs, each from a separate household and on opposite sides of the road.

Kate Du Port