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The Funtington Players is an amateur dramatics society based in West Ashling near Chichester, West Sussex.

The New Members Secretary (NMS) will be happy to tell you more about who we are, what we do, and how to join us. Whether you want to act, help backstage or just know full details of our activities, the NMS knows the answers. Please send a quick email telling us who you are and giving your phone number so the NMS can ring you. Please use this address and we will pass on your message.

Please note: this is not an offer to publicise other societies’ events, give acting advice, help get a play published, and so on. See our Useful Links page.
Forthcoming events

Details of most of these are in the latest Newsletter for members.

Nearly everything happens at the Village Hall in West Ashling, including auditions.

Club nights and play readings are at the Church Rooms in Funtington.

See Useful Links to find these venues.