About East Ashling

East Ashling is a small attractive village about three miles west of Chichester, separated from the city by a rural gap. It has a popular pub – The Horse and Groom – which also does B&B. There is just one through road in the village, which leads to Funtington and eventually on to Emsworth and Havant. 

The village is inside the South Downs National Park and provides a base for walkers and cyclists attracted by the many marked paths and trails up to the chalk downlands. To the north, bluebell woods provide a gateway to an area of spectacular archaeological and natural history interest, including the Kingley Vale Nature Reserve, one of the largest remaining yew forests in the country. 

East Ashling has fewer than 100 houses, but in addition to the pub it has a number of farms, a large riding centre, a garden nursery, a long-established agricultural engineer and, just outside the village, a private school and a museum. 

A Little History

Some two hundred years ago, much of the village was owned by the Manors of Bosham and Densworth with many of the farms being copyright tenants. The coastal road from Chichester to the west was often flooded before the days of the turnpike. The inland route (as today) was through East Ashling and the pub provided a popular stopping off point. 

Some sixty years ago, the village was still a collection of working farms with agricultural workers, small traders and few larger houses. The tradesmen included a dairy, a small shop, a blind basket maker, as well as the blacksmith which is now an agricultural engineer. The pub, together with a club in West Stoke, were places of recreation for men after work with Sennicotts being the most frequented local church. Wartime bomb damage was repaired although several cottages were never rebuilt. At the turn of the century two former farmhouses were rebuilt / gentrified with two larger houses being built. In 2012 the East Ashling Association was formed with the view to improving conditions and the community spirit. 

The East Ashling Association

The EAA is an informal group of residents who are endeavouring to improve the conditions and community spirit within the village.  All residents of East Ashling and the immediate surroundings are automatically members, there are no fees.  The elected Committee meet approximately four times a year.

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