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Notes from The Richmond Arms, West Ashling 18 -20 September 07783978363

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We are so excited about this weekend’s menu. Our Van is on a road trip to INDIA!

We’re loading the van with logs and firing up the woodfired oven, sprinkling it with magic masala dust and turning it into a Tandoor!!!!. We can’t travel to India for ages, but we can damn well take our taste buds there!

We are using all local ingredients to get us there, Goodwood Lamb samosas, Foot’s Farm in Chidham beetroot samosa, unreal tomatoes from Alister at Black Dog Nursery in Chichester. To finish the most divine tiramisu with the heady aroma of black cardamom.

Let’s use Local to take us far away!!!

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Stretch, Adult Ballet and Ballet Body/Pilates based classes.

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I am a local fitness and ballet teacher and I wanted to know if you think anybody would be interested in some Stretch, Adult Ballet and Ballet Body / Pilates based classes.

I attended a full time ballet school where I trained for 3 years professionally in ballet. I then went on to take my level 2 and 3 in personal training and fitness instructing.

I was recommended the Grapevine by another villager so thought it might be a good way to see if there is any local interest in the classes. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,


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The next meeting of Funtington Parish Council is on Wednesday 2 September at 6:00pm – in line with received advice, meetings will continue to be held virtually until that advice changes.

If you wish to ‘attend’ please contact the Chairman(Sheena King) on who will send you details. You’d be more than welcome.

The Agenda has been posted on the website and on the village noticeboards but the key items are:

Applications for co-option

Introduction of new Parish Clerk / Responsible Financial Officer

Updates on various Parish projects

Planning applications and decisions received since the last meeting

Incident Information from WSCC Resilience and Emergencies Team

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The Met Office has issued a Yellow Thunderstorm Warning

Thunderstorm warnings continue across much of the UK until Monday 17 August, with a risk of impact from heavy rain, flash flooding, lightning and hail

View the full warning at the site.

Update from the Met Office: With temperatures already at 32 degrees today after a prolonged heat period, the Met Office have forecast that this is likely to trigger thunderstorms over the next 6 days.

The storms will be isolated but where they happen there will be frequent lightning, gusty winds and intense, heavy downpours with 30 to 40mm of rain possible in less than an hour and, in isolated spots, a small chance of 60 mm falling.

Residents are advised to monitor rainfall radar and lightning maps as the thunderstorms will arrive without notice and potentially be very heavy, very quickly.

Northern areas are at most risk during today, but the thunderstorms will continue overnight with the potential for high risk tomorrow.

The Met Office have advised that the forecast is unlikely to change over the next 5 to 6 days.

Thunderstorms could bring sudden surface water and river flooding to parts of England today, which may lead to flooded properties and severe travel disruption in some areas.

Environment Agency teams are working hard alongside local authorities to reduce the risk of flooding and keep communities safe, clearing grills and weed screens in areas which may be affected by heavy showers, and are ready to respond and support where needed.

The risk of surface water and river flooding is a possibility from Thursday to Sunday due to these conditions.

For more information go to:

WSCC Preparing for emergencies

The 2020 Poppy Appeal

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Due to the Pandemic, the Royal British Legion has decided to redesign this year’s Appeal.

They have decided that no House to House Collectors, Supermarket Collectors or Street Collectors will be asked to carry out their normal duties.

In a nut shell they are doing everything on line with the big corporate organisations running everything In Store and or In House. Poppies and Wreaths will be available but from different sources.

There may well be a form of service on Remembrance Sunday about which the Parish will be notified closer to the time

First Ever National Impact Survey Launched By Neighbourhood Watch

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Neighbourhood Watch is delighted to launch the first ever Neighbourhood Watch Impact Survey. The survey is open to all members of the public including our supporters and members. It will enable Neighbourhood Watch to look at how it impacts on our communities and identify the concerns surrounding crime and the increase in neighbourliness and community spirit.

Neighbourhood Watch ask that you complete the survey IMPACT SURVEY to ensure they get a good mix of responses. You can do this in various ways through email, using social media and any other methods you may have.

Facebook & Twitter: Click on the link

To learn more about the background to the survey Please click on   the following link

Measuring our impact

We look forward to receiving your responses on our survey which needs to be completed by 21st August 2020.



Update on Planning Committee Meetings

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Hi All

Anyone who read my previous Grapevine Message about the commencement of Parish Council Planning Committee Meetings via Zoom will know that we were going to hold these fortnightly. After our first meeting this evening  (16 July) it has been decided to hold the meetings monthly in the future.

Nothing else changes You may ask for an invitation to attend – and we’d love it if you did.  However, you will not be able to speak unless you have previously asked to address the Committee regarding an application on the agenda and only then if you are either the applicant or if the application will directly affect you.

The Zoom Meetings will be held monthly at 6:00 pm on Thursdays. The next meeting will be 13 August 2020.

If you wish to join in, contact the Clerk at: who will send you the ‘formal’ Zoom invite.

Of course, you do not need to attend the meeting to object / or agree to a planning application. Just visit and follow the instructions.

 REMEMBER: this is your community it’s important to have your say if  you are the applicant or may be affected by a planning application – it is no good complaining after the event!!


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Hi All

This is just to remind you that the Parish Council (virtual) Planning Meetings are going to be held on a fortnightly basis – starting on Thursday 16 July at 6:00pm.

By way of clarification:
Only the Planning Applications and Decisions received by the Parish Council on the previous day of the meeting and the previous week’s applications and decisions will be discussed at the meeting; no other previous or pending applications will be discussed.

As a parishioner you may ask for an invitation to attend. However, you will not be able to speak at the meetings, unless you have previously requested to do so and only then if you are either the applicant or if the application will directly affect you. We will request that other parishioners turn their microphones to mute for the duration of the meeting.

So you can join in if you are the applicant or the application will directly affect you: all you need to do is ask the Clerk for an invitation. The Clerk can be contacted at

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West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has produced a COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan, as required by the Government. This details how local, regional and national organisations and responses will, where possible, work together as a system to prevent cases of the virus in West Sussex and respond to any local outbreaks.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in March 2020 after sustained global transmission.

WSCC, like all upper-tier local authorities, was asked to produce a first version of a local outbreak control plan by the end of June 2020. The plan will evolve over time.

The plan covers:

managing outbreaks in West Sussex care homes and schools
identifying and managing high risk places, locations and communities
local testing capacity – Testing in Sussex
contact tracing in complex settings
data integration
supporting vulnerable people

Planning to prevent and respond to cases of COVID-19 in our communities requires a whole system and multi-agency approach, including the Government’s national Test and Trace Programme.

A wide range of stakeholders have contributed and commented on this West Sussex COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan and will continue to shape its development. This includes district and borough councils across the county, Healthwatch West Sussex, Public Health England South East region and the NHS.

More detail on operational delivery elements will be added to the plan as further guidance is produced nationally and as the national Joint Biosecurity Centre becomes fully operational.

Supporting documents

West Sussex COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan (PDF, 3.2MB)
West Sussex COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan appendices (PDF, 956KB)

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