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We thought it important to let you know that over the next couple of weeks we are going to try and clear some of the dung from the front fields at Broadley Copse, so there may be an associated increase in odour.

Of course, this is weather dependent and may be prevented under certain circumstances
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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TAKE CARE – Scam Alert

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One of our parishioners has kindly alerted me to a scam. I don’t know if this is a new one but I’d never heard of it, so thought I’d send round a quick message.

Apparently, her sister was contacted by ‘a police chaplain’, asking her to urgently get 4 x £100 Amazon vouchers for him as he was in a hurry and wanted to give gifts to some of the officers. Unfortunately, she did it and is now seriously out of pocket!

Following the first incident a male friend of her sister then received an email, purporting to be from her, also asking him to buy Amazon vouchers. She hadn’t emailed him and can only presume her contacts list had been hacked.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi All

The Parish Council is currently considering the necessity of formulating either a Neighbourhood or Parish Plan. I say, the Parish Council, but actually this is a decision that needs to be made by the community.

As time goes on there will, of course, be appropriate public meetings and consultation about this not inconsiderable decision. However, I thought you should all be aware that there is to be an item on the Parish Council Agenda on 1 April which will give a brief overview of the situation. Geoff Hands (Chair of Fishbourne PC) who has already been through the process and Jane Mottershead, Funtington Parish Councillor and Planning Lead, will give presentations – about 15 minutes each. I should emphasise that no decisions on the way forward will be made at the meeting , as wide-spread public consultation is required and an absolute necessity, but if you’re interested please come along.
Meeting starts at 6:30 in West Ashling and Funtington District Village Hall and, apart from a couple of brief items of Council business, the presentations will be first on the Agenda. You are more than welcome just to come to the presentations and then leave; you do not need to stay through the whole Parish Council meeting!

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Hi All

We thought it would be helpful to let people know a bit more about the Liaison Group.

Overall aim

The Broadley Copse Liaison group has been set up to address and sustainably resolve the issues raised about Broadley Copse Farm that are having a material impact on local residents’ quality of life.

Aims of the group

The liaison group will aim to:

• provide a two-way channel of communication between Broadley Copse Farm at Funtington, and the local community or other local interest groups, with the express objective of addressing specific concerns raised by local residents about material impacts the farming operations at Broadley Copse Farm are having their quality of life.

• provide a central point through which the residents can channel concerns, to ensure that both farm and community representatives have visibility of all concerns at the same time.

• create a forum through which the key concerns of the community can be identified and agreed, and systematically addressed by the farm via a process agreed by all.

• improve the way the farm communicates back to the community to update on the steps being taken to investigate and address issues, and the results from those steps.

Members of the group

o Four representatives (maximum) from Broadley Copse, comprising:
 ASH Farming LLP – Tom Allen & Kate Mellor
 Basil Baird (Fareham) Ltd – Nick Baird
 Broadley Energy Ltd – Sam Waite or Nick McCallister
o Six representatives (maximum) from the community, namely:
 Patricia Young – Parish Councillor
 Sheena King – Parish Councillor
 Jono Oswin – Resident Woodend
 Carl Rizzo – Resident Downs Road
 Kate Du Port from the residents’ group – Lynch Down, Funtington
 Bob Mousley – Resident Mid Funtington
o Regulators/local public officers, namely:
 A representative from Chichester District Council
 A representative from the Environment Agency
 David Palmer – District Councillor


We meet on a bi-monthly basis and plan to update the community using the parish website and grapevine.

** This group is separate to the Pig Action Group**

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West Stoke Artist in Residence, Anne Chadwick at Chichester Oxmarket Centre of Arts

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Anne is a highly accomplished portrait painter of people and animals. As well as her ability to capture likeness and personality, she is known for the light and atmosphere in her collectable landscape paintings.
You can commission her to paint houses, boats, churches (a great wedding present), vintage cars, favourite landscapes, etc. – some of her commissioned pictures can be seen on her website,

Her exhibition is at the John Rank Gallery in The Oxmarket Centre of Arts, (situated between East Street and Little London carpark) and is open from 10am to 4.30 pm, Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays).

Anne will be working in the gallery on Wednesdays and Fridays 10.30 to 2pm and looks forward to meeting you there.

For further info, call Anne on 07935 932637

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General advice for residents on coronavirus (2019-nCov).

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I expect you will have read in the media about a healthcare worker working in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Unit at Worthing Hospital has tested positive for coronavirus (2019-nCov).

Here is some general advice for residents on the guidance around this disease provided by WSCC which is also available on the WSCC Website.



Experts at Public Health England (PHE) continue to work hard tracing people who have been in contact with confirmed cases. The current advice remains that if you have not been contacted by PHE as a close contact of a case, you do not need to take any action at this time. This means that everyone else should continue to go about their daily routine, eg going to work or school as they would normally.

Given the amount of activity across Sussex we have taken the decision to establish the County Emergency Centre in County Hall, Chichester, to ease the coordination of response.

Please continue to maintain your excellent hygiene standards and continue to share advice on the common-sense steps to prevent the spread of illnesses. It’s as simple as washing hands regularly with soap and water and using tissues to reduce the spread of infections.

Occasionally someone may be asked to self-isolate because they are a contact of a confirmed case. This may be concerning but this is a precaution, and absolutely the right thing to do to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading. In this instance there is nothing further for the workplace or school to do. The student or staff member will be given specific advice from PHE.

There is no need for workplaces or schools to close. For any general health queries people should call NHS 111.

We ask that you share the generic hand hygiene messaging among your local community. This is the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ messaging which is vital to help prevent the spread of any virus. Please also display the posters where appropriate.

More information on the Coronavirus can be found here on the PHE website.

It is important to remember Public Health England are leading the response and we must closely follow their guidance



Louise Goldsmith.

Councillor for Chichester West Division.

West Sussex County Council.

CLEAR UP – Dell, West Ashling NOT East Ashling – my apologies to all

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On Sunday 2 February the South Downs National Park (SDNP) Rangers, led by Chloe, arranged to come to West Ashling to clear the laurels in the upper level of the Dell.. The SDNP are very keen on promoting the flora and fauna of the Dell as it is an ideal and idyllic setting. The fact that there is a completely unmanaged wood to the west sends them into raptures. They quote beetles, birds, worms and all sorts of other creatures that flourish in these conditions. Laurels are not regarded as favourites in this environment, as they are not native and very invasive so they had to go!
Nick Dunnett the person who got the SDNP interested in the Dell and invited me to join him in the discussions. Unfortunately he could not be there on Sunday so he asked me to take over the organisation of some volunteers to join the Rangers. I must say this was not a problem! I think there were about thirteen of us plus five rangers. Our group included a bonfire builder and a man with a super duper leaf blower and chainsaw. Nick had organised some dry wood and diesel to get the bonfire going, which was a great help as the weather was a trifle damp, to say the least! The leaf blower helped and, once it was going, the cut laurel made a bonfire of heroic proportions.

It was a very jolly occasion helped along by one of the wives handing out coffee and biscuits to get us all going and Chloe had a small portable stove to make hot drinks. It was, however, quite hard work but everybody contributed in their own way.

Chloe said that she had never had such a large and enthusiastic turnout by a village before and congratulated us on it. I might add that the average age was about sixty – some younger and some a lot older.

So many thanks to the park rangers and to all the hard working volunteers.

Barbara Roskell for and on behalf of Funtington Parish Council

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Bosham Harbour Walk & Writing course

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If you enjoy walking in and around beautiful Bosham harbour and would like to dabble in some creative writing, why not combine the two? This course aims to provide you with a relaxed introduction, meeting once a week over six weeks. Meeting Wednesday mornings 10.30am-12.30am, the next course starts 26th February. For further information contact: Kate Cameron,

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2. Funtington Parish Council has been notified by Chichester District Council that no request for an election to be held, has been received at this office within the time scale allowed. Consequently, the Parish Council can now co-opt a person to fill the vacancy.

3. All potential candidates will be requested to put their request for consideration in writing , within 1 month from the date below:-

A set of forms are available from to make your application and should then be returned to the address below.

Please note it is a condition of a Councillor that a means of contact by telephone and/or e-mail will be public information.

DATED…9th…February 2020………….SIGNED……………………………
Vice Chairman of the Parish Council

ADDRESS: 2 Waterloo Meadows, Southbrook Road, West Ashling PO18 8DH


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Funtington Parish Council is trialing some drop-in surgeries around the Parish to give parishioners the opportunity to come along and ‘have their say’, in an informal environment

The drop-in surgeries are being held from 10.00AM to 11.30AM at the following sites over the next three months.

Saturday 7 March 2020: Church Room Funtington
Saturday 4 April 2020: West Stoke Village Hall
Saturday 2 May 2020: West Ashling & Funtington District Village Hall

Come and have a cuppa and a chat with one or two Parish Councillors.

We look forward to seeing you and listening to your ideas, suggestions or complaints.

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