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Green Bins – possibly being stolen. AN UPDATE TO PUT YOUR MINDS AT REST

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Hi All

Since the message re the possibility of the potential theft of garden collection green bins, I have received an update which should help put your minds at rest.

Apparently, the ‘rent cycle’ of a green bin runs from March to April. So, if a parishioner cancels this service, then the bins are collected by CDC in April. The CDC have confirmed that it was the council collecting the green bins, there are around 90 bins to remove this week.

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Councillor Dunnett has asked me to circulate the following information

Published on the Funtington Parish Web is an important paper concerning the Village Green and the School Dell track. This paper is the result of researching the Archives of West Sussex County Council. The paper can be found at>Parish Council ->Parish Council Documents.

Amongst other interesting facts, included in the paper is that, in 1973, the Commons Commissioner directed the West Sussex County Council, as the registration authority, to register Funtington Parish Council as the owner of the land under section 8(3) of the Act of 1965. It remains unregistered land.

The paper goes on to explain the DEFRA Legislation that governs Village Greens.

Note: Funtington Parish Council does not own the School Dell track, which gives right of access to the adjacent properties.

If anyone would like to read the document but, for whatever reason cannot access it from the website, please contact me and am happy to email it.

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Green Bins – possibly being stolen

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Hi all

This morning at 9.30am my mother saw two men in fluorescent coats take a GREEN WASTE bin from the drive at the start of Downs Road / Common Road and put it in their white van. She noticed that they already had about 6 green waste bins in the back.

This may be nothing but just as a precaution, there may be people going around stealing your green waste bins. Sadly no number plate was taken.

May I suggest you bring your bins in once it has been emptied at this time.

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Due to the initial impact that social distancing measures had on the CDC work force, the decision was taken to prioritise domestic waste (black bins) and waste that decomposes (garden waste).

This impacted on multiple recycling collections last week, which were stood down due to insufficient manpower. Measures have now been taken to consolidate the CDC workforce and redirect individuals to support front-line service areas.

This means that, moving forward, all efforts will be made to carry out waste and recycling collections on the scheduled collection days.

For properties affected by non-collection last week, we request that any excess recycling is placed in a loosely tied bag beside the recycling bin, from 07:00 on the next scheduled recycling collection day.

You can access your waste and collection calendars via the following link:

For communal sites collection information can usually be found under the parent property. i.e. Flat 1 etc.

Additional advice and guidance can be accessed via the following link:

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Hi All – a message from Louise Goldsmith

WSCC are working in partnership with our District and Borough colleagues to create Community Hubs across West Sussex to preserve life and protect vulnerable people. The county council has launched a website and phone line 03302227980 that runs seven days a week from 8.00am to 8.00pm. This will co-ordinate support for vulnerable people who don’t have any support networks, and those who want to volunteer. Only residents that need support should register. Those who have support networks in place – such as friends, family and neighbours – should continue using the support they have. This means that we can focus our efforts on those most in need.

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Hi All
Despite the difficulties of the current situation, it is important that if you experience issues of smell or other concerns from Broadley Copse Farm, that the farm hears from you about them so that they are aware of it and can do something about it.

The farm has set up a central email address to report all issues, which is:

The site operators will endeavour to reply but can’t guarantee it.

Keep safe.

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Being a good neighbour is important and it is great to know that communities are rallying around to support each other. So, whilst so many people are doing so much good in these difficult times: helping friends and neighbours, setting up community volunteer groups and many other initiatives, I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
As you might guess, this bad news is about scammers taking advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable.
The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau confirms that reports related to the Coronavirus outbreak have rocketed 400% in recent weeks and have caused losses of almost £1m, as fraudsters use the global pandemic to target members of the public. The 105 cases recorded in little over a month have caused losses totalling £970,000.
Of course, it is impossible to list all the scams that are out there and, as fast as they are identified, others pop up. However, some examples are:
• Online shopping scams where people ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser and other products that have never arrived;
• Emails that purport to be from the World Health Organisation claiming to provide you with a list of active infections in their area if you click on a link – this link will still steal your identity;
• Emails that try to trick you into clicking on a link to a newsletter with coronavirus updates on how to take financial advantage of the economic downturn or directing you to a fake HMRC website offering tax refunds;
• Phone calls or emails that try to lure you into disclosing personal information by posing as a legitimate bank, police or health officials; and
• People you don’t know, or have no official identification, offering to do your shopping and then not returning with either the goods or your cash.
General tips to keep safe from scams:
• Do not click on links or open attachments in ‘strange’ emails and text messages;
• Only purchase goods online from trusted and legitimate retailers and, if you have one, then use a credit card as this will offer greater insurance.
• Take time to check emails or messages are from a legitimate source. Please be aware that fraudsters go to great lengths to make their communications with you look genuine;
• Delete any suspicious emails or text messages immediately – don’t open them to check first;
• Don’t let anyone into your home unless you know them or without verifying their identity and checking they have legitimate documentation or an official ID card.
• Never give out personal or financial information over the phone; and
• Never hand over money or a credit or debit card to anyone making unsolicited visits to your home.
Of course, the majority of offers of help are just that – lovely people, wanting to help their friends and neighbours – just be careful and ask a trusted family member or friend before clicking on email links or giving information over the telephone.
Action Fraud can be contacted on 0300 123 2040 or

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Closure of Household Waste Recycling Sites
All Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) across West Sussex are now closed until further notice due to the current Covid-19 situation.
This is to reinforce the need for social distancing, protecting staff and highway safety.
With high numbers of visits, the risks of spread are greater and we cannot encourage this risk or guarantee visitor or staff safety at the HWRSs. We will be looking at measures that can be taken to enable us to re-open the sites safely, but for the time being we have no choice but to close them entirely. We will issue guidance on disposal of excess waste, with the focus on vulnerable and elderly residents in the first instance. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please check the West Sussex Recycles website for updates and further information.
Household Collections
At the present time, household recycling and waste collections continue as normal across West Sussex, and we will be supporting our colleagues at the district and borough councils to enable these to continue, but would ask residents to be sensible about their waste production.
We would advise you to check any information or updates given by your local district and borough council.
You can also find information about recycling and waste reduction on our website;
Covid-19 Updates
The Government has issued advice about disposing of rubbish should you have a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in your household. Used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths should be put into a rubbish bag. The bag should then be put into a second bag and tied securely. You should then wait 72 hours before putting it in your outside bin. You are able to dispose of other household waste as normal.
Please continue to check for details of any impact to County Council services.

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