Annabel Boys, Body Stress Release Practitioner

By February 1, 2016 October 31st, 2016 Advertisers, Health and Beauty

Chronic backache? Neck ache? Shoulder pain? Cramp? Body Stress Release is a gentle, hands-on technique that can help to rid you of persistent aches and pains.

The pressures of day-to-day living in the 21st century take their toll on all of us physically and psychologically. An overload of stress can lead to chronic health problems, pain and discomfort. Body Stress Release is a gentle, pressure based technique that offers a highly effective way to help your body to release locked-in tension and stimulate its natural capacity to heal itself.

While lying fully clothed on a specially designed couch your practitioner finds areas of stored tension in your muscles using a series of simple tests.
A light pressure is then applied to encourage your body to release stored tension. BSR is very gentle, relaxing and often highly effective where other techniques have failed to deliver results.



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