Funtington Parish Council would just like to let everyone know just how amazing the Village Green in West Ashling (aka The Dell) is now looking. Steve Cathie, a local resident, has worked like a one-man army and has cleared out the undergrowth and removed trees that were growing ‘sideways’. The Green now has three distinct copses and a huge amount more useable space. The work undertaken has made it look really cared for, as well as an interesting place to wander about in. There is a constant stream of people now using the space and they are really enjoying it.

Steve is also going to build a compost area for the grass cuttings, as previously they had been put in the undergrowth under the copse. As this is all now nice and clear it will be much better to have a dedicated area for the cuttings, which will be on the very edge of the Green.

It’s absolutely lovely that, at long last, the Dell is beginning to look as it should and has become a great addition to the community as a whole: at last it is being used and enjoyed by so many people, especially as it has now become a much safer space in which children can run around. Interestingly, now that it has been cleared, it’s possible to appreciate that it’s actually twice as big as it appeared previously.

It just looks fantastic and our thanks go out to Steve for a job exceptionally well done.

Sheena King