Many of you may have noticed the considerable efforts going on to improve the Village Green. The Upper Level is beginning to look good, trees have been thinned out to let more light in and with the help of the South Downs National Park, the intrusive laurels have been removed. A hedge has been planted alongside the path with saplings from the Woodland Trust. Other saplings have been planted in the area and we hope it will become a Glade where people and children can loiter on their way to the steps down on to the Village Green.

However, one blemish on the area is the old green metal entrance gate which is ugly and now performs no function since one of the metal posts has completely corroded. The Parish Council would like to propose the removal of this gate, form a pedestrian opening with two very substantial four foot oak posts and filling the additional gap with an extension to the new hedge.

If you have any comments on this proposal, in support or otherwise, please email the Chairman of Funtington Parish Council (Sheena King) on

Sheena King