NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN OR PARISH PLAN – that is the question. Change of Date

By February 26, 2020 Grapevine Messages

Hi All
I previously sent out the information below about presentations to be given by two local councillors regarding Neighbourhood Plans. PLEASE NOTE the change of date. These presentations are to be given on Wednesday 4 March and not Wednesday 1 April, as previously mentioned. Many apologies.

The Parish Council is currently considering the necessity of formulating either a Neighbourhood or Parish Plan. I say, the Parish Council, but actually this is a decision that needs to be made by the community.

As time goes on there will, of course, be appropriate public meetings and consultation about this not inconsiderable decision. However, I thought you should all be aware that there is to be an item on the Parish Council Agenda on 4 March which will give a brief overview of the situation. Geoff Hands (Chair of Fishbourne PC) who has already been through the process and Jane Mottershead, Funtington Parish Councillor and Planning Lead, will give presentations – about 15 minutes each. I should emphasise that no decisions on the way forward will be made at the meeting , as wide-spread public consultation is required and an absolute necessity, but if you’re interested please come along.
Meeting starts at 6:30 in West Ashling and Funtington District Village Hall and, apart from a couple of brief items of Council business, the presentations will be first on the Agenda. You are more than welcome just to come to the presentations and then leave; you do not need to stay through the whole Parish Council meeting!

Sheena King