General advice for residents on coronavirus (2019-nCov).

By February 12, 2020 Grapevine Messages

I expect you will have read in the media about a healthcare worker working in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Unit at Worthing Hospital has tested positive for coronavirus (2019-nCov).

Here is some general advice for residents on the guidance around this disease provided by WSCC which is also available on the WSCC Website.



Experts at Public Health England (PHE) continue to work hard tracing people who have been in contact with confirmed cases. The current advice remains that if you have not been contacted by PHE as a close contact of a case, you do not need to take any action at this time. This means that everyone else should continue to go about their daily routine, eg going to work or school as they would normally.

Given the amount of activity across Sussex we have taken the decision to establish the County Emergency Centre in County Hall, Chichester, to ease the coordination of response.

Please continue to maintain your excellent hygiene standards and continue to share advice on the common-sense steps to prevent the spread of illnesses. It’s as simple as washing hands regularly with soap and water and using tissues to reduce the spread of infections.

Occasionally someone may be asked to self-isolate because they are a contact of a confirmed case. This may be concerning but this is a precaution, and absolutely the right thing to do to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading. In this instance there is nothing further for the workplace or school to do. The student or staff member will be given specific advice from PHE.

There is no need for workplaces or schools to close. For any general health queries people should call NHS 111.

We ask that you share the generic hand hygiene messaging among your local community. This is the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ messaging which is vital to help prevent the spread of any virus. Please also display the posters where appropriate.

More information on the Coronavirus can be found here on the PHE website.

It is important to remember Public Health England are leading the response and we must closely follow their guidance



Louise Goldsmith.

Councillor for Chichester West Division.

West Sussex County Council.