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For those residents who do not read the Chichester Observer and haven’t heard from other sources, I  thought it important to let you know that some roads in parts of the city and surrounding parishes will not be gritted  this winter.

‘Local’ roads within and around our Parish that will not be gritted are:

Salthill Road from Fishbourne up to Hunters Race near Lavant

New Road at Goodwood

Delling Lane and Bosham Lane in Bosham

Cheesemans Lane through Hambrook

Stein Road in Southbourne

Old Farm Lane and Whitechimney Row in Westbourne

Sherbourne Road

Parklands Road

As stated above, there are further roads closer to the city centre that will also not be gritted.

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson has said that they have taken ‘…a risk-based approach to identifying the roads most in need of being treated, which prioritises roads that have highest use and provide access to key facilities across the network. To make best use of our infinite resources, it is important to focus our efforts on gritting roads where there is high demand…This means the new service level during icy conditions reduces from 41% to 31% … The reduction in the amount of network that we treat does produce savings … as we have reduced the number of gritters and drivers we need… The county council will continue to promote a ‘safety first’ message and remind road users that those who drive on public highways should do so in a manner and at a speed that is safe, having regard to such matters as the nature of the road, the weather conditions and the traffic conditions’.