BROADLEY COPSE – November Update

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Following the November meeting of the Liaison Group  we just wanted to give the parish a further update on some of the key issues we have been addressing.

We have had our first liaison group meeting which we feel went very well, it was a good opportunity to discuss various issues, it was well attended by the residents who are on the group, the council and the Environment agency. Unfortunately on this occasion no-one was present from the Parish council. The feeling in the room was that it was paramount that a member of the Parish council attends due to their slight independence to the matter so the group would ask that if the parish council members are unable to attend would another member of the Parish council be prepared to come in their place so that there is always a representative present? (Parish Council comment – we have apologised for lack of attendance and will definitely be at the next meeting in January 2020)


  1. Traffic through the village
    1. Following feedback all ASH Farming Tractors will also have an ASH label in the front of the tractors
  2. Flies
    1. Some fly samples were submitted to us and they were assessed by an pest control company. Results were unable to pinpoint Broadley Copse as the cause.
    2. When weather begins to get hotter in 2020 more fly samples will be requested and assessed.
  3. Site Plan
    1. Hedging, Fencing and Bee Flower mixes to be planted in various locations around the site
    2. Dung to be removed more frequently
    3. Tidy up of Broadwalk area in process


  1. Odour
    1. Following the various consultations, we are awaiting quotes to install chimneys onto the fans as soon as possible after Christmas.
    2. Nutritional & Bedding Trial work currently being scoped, which may help with odour from the dung to potentially start in the New Year.
    3. Weather Station installed to help corollate weather conditions with complaints.


  1. Drainage

Recently there has been concern when it has been raining regarding run off onto the main road from the site, this has been acted upon straight away.

  1. Swale and bund have been dug which should stop water from getting to the road.
  2. Drains are being pumped out on a regular basis.
  3. Driveway regularly swept to stop mud onto the road.
  4. Drain by the main gate going to be altered to allow more water to run into it. The tank the water went into has been removed so the water will now flow into the swale.


Our email address is so please get in touch with any concerns.

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