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Funtington Parish Council is delighted to announce that, as from 1 October 2020, we will have a new Parish Clerk – Viki Williams.

She has an interesting work background, which since 2009, has required a considerable amount of world travel as a result of being involved working either directly for the army or for agencies appointed  by the army.  She has now decided it’s time to settle down so she may be ‘hands-on’ in raising her family.

Members of the Council look forward to working with her.




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Funtington Parish Council is pleased to announce that a new Parish Councillor was co-opted this evening, 2 September 2020. Her name is Jean Simmonds and has lived in East Ashling for the past 16 years. Following retirement, Jean worked in Appuldram  for three years helping with the disabled adults, is a Chichester City Guide and a volunteer at the Weald and Downland Museum keeping the Gateway Entrance planting looking good.

Council Members welcome her and are looking forward to working with her.

FUNTINGTON PARISH COUNCIL – Update on Planning Meetings

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This is to let you know that Funtington Parish Council is commencing Planning Committee Meetings via Zoom. Of course, every planning application in our Parish has always been considered, but this will allow for improved reporting and recording.

You may ask to attend – and we’d love it if you did. However, you will not be able to speak unless you have previously asked to address the  Committee regarding an application or if the application directly affects you.

The Zoom Meetings will be held monthly at 6:00 pm on Thursdays. The next one will be 13 August 2020.

If you wish to join in, contact the Clerk at: who will send you the ‘formal’ Zoom invite.

Of course, you do not need to attend the meeting to object / agree to a planning application. Just visit: and follow the instructions.

REMEMBER: this is your community it’s important to have your say if you are the applicant or may be affected by a  planning application – it is no good complaining after the event!!

Parish Council Meetings – Update

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Funtington Parish Council

The Parish Council’s meetings are now being held virtually, via Zoom, but that does not stop you ‘attending’ and being involved.

As in previous years, there will be no meeting in August and meetings commence again in September. The virtual meetings are held, as previous face-to-face meetings, on the first meeting of each month but start at 6:00pm and not 6:30pm.

All agendas are circulated via Grapevine and posted on the website


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Hi All

We thought it would be helpful to let people know a bit more about the Liaison Group.

Overall aim

The Broadley Copse Liaison group has been set up to address and sustainably resolve the issues raised about Broadley Copse Farm that are having a material impact on local residents’ quality of life.

Aims of the group

The liaison group will aim to:

• provide a two-way channel of communication between Broadley Copse Farm at Funtington, and the local community or other local interest groups, with the express objective of addressing specific concerns raised by local residents about material impacts the farming operations at Broadley Copse Farm are having their quality of life.

• provide a central point through which the residents can channel concerns, to ensure that both farm and community representatives have visibility of all concerns at the same time.

• create a forum through which the key concerns of the community can be identified and agreed, and systematically addressed by the farm via a process agreed by all.

• improve the way the farm communicates back to the community to update on the steps being taken to investigate and address issues, and the results from those steps.

Members of the group

Four representatives (maximum) from Broadley Copse, comprising:

  • ASH Farming LLP – Tom Allen & Kate Mellor
  • Basil Baird (Fareham) Ltd – Nick Baird
  • Broadley Energy Ltd – Sam Waite or Nick McCallister

Six representatives (maximum) from the community, namely:

  • Patricia Young – Parish Councillor
  • Sheena King – Parish Councillor
  • Jono Oswin – Resident Woodend
  • Carl Rizzo – Resident Downs Road
  • Kate Du Port from the residents’ group – Lynch Down, Funtington
  • Bob Mousley – Resident Mid Funtington

Regulators/local public officers, namely:

  • A representative from Chichester District Council
  • A representative from the Environment Agency
  • David Palmer – District Councillor


We meet on a bi-monthly basis and plan to update the community using the parish website and grapevine.


** This group is separate to the Pig Action Group**