Welcome to Funtington Parish Council

The Parish of Funtington includes the villages of Funtington, East and West Ashling and West Stoke together with North Hambrook and North Fishbourne. As well as the four main villages, mention should be made of a hamlet to the north of Funtington Villlage - Adsdean - with gardens and parkland created between 1840 and 1880.

Funtington Parish Council works to serve the local community to make the Parish a better place for its residents. The Councillors, who are all volunteers, make every effort to represent the views of the parishioners and, where possible, aim to make a difference by influencing local decision-making.  



Parish Council Precept Increase for 2024/25.

The Parish Council take any cost increases extremely seriously and a great deal of consideration has gone into this sadly necessary increase in precept. More and more basic services are being carried out by parish councils as district and county councils cut back. We as a council are taking on more of the basic maintenance type works that used to routinely be scheduled by CDC and WSCC.

A thorough review of funding across the area for parishes was carried out by the finance working group, particularly with reference to those rural parishes that offered a similar level of facilities. Subsequently, a vote was taken at full council meeting in January to bring our precept more into line with these other local parishes. Nevertheless, it must be noted that this is still far below the national average.

The increase, in reality, represents just under a £20 increase per Band D household per year - the previous precept was £33.04 and the new precept is £52.61. The national average is £79 (£86 in the South East).

We hope that residents will soon start to notice the difference this will make to the facilities and running of the parish.