Liaison Group

Published: 19 February 2020

Broadley Copse Farm Liaison Group

Hi All

We thought it would be helpful to let people know a bit more about the Liaison Group.

Overall aim
The Broadley Copse Liaison group has been set up to address and sustainably resolve the issues raised about Broadley Copse Farm that are having a material impact on local residents’ quality of life.

Aims of the group
The liaison group will aim to:

  • Provide a two-way channel of communication between Broadley Copse Farm at Funtington, and the local community or other local interest groups, with the express objective of addressing specific concerns raised by local residents about material impacts the farming operations at Broadley Copse Farm are having their quality of life.
  • Provide a central point through which the residents can channel concerns, to ensure that both farm and community representatives have visibility of all concerns at the same time.
  • Create a forum through which the key concerns of the community can be identified and agreed, and systematically addressed by the farm via a process agreed by all.
  • Improve the way the farm communicates back to the community to update on the steps being taken to investigate and address issues, and the results from those steps.

Members of the group
Four representatives (maximum) from Broadley Copse, comprising:

ASH Farming LLP – Tom Allen & Kate Mellor
Basil Baird (Fareham) Ltd – Nick Baird
Broadley Energy Ltd – Sam Waite or Nick McCallister
Six representatives (maximum) from the community, namely:

Patricia Young – Parish Councillor
Sheena King – Parish Councillor
Jono Oswin – Resident Woodend
Carl Rizzo – Resident Downs Road
Kate Du Port from the residents’ group – Lynch Down, Funtington
Bob Mousley – Resident Mid Funtington
Regulators/local public officers, namely:

A representative from Chichester District Council
A representative from the Environment Agency
David Palmer – District Councillor

We meet on a bi-monthly basis and plan to update the community using the parish website and grapevine.

** This group is separate to the Pig Action Group**