The EAA is an informal group of residents who are endeavouring to improve the conditions and community spirit within the village.  All residents of East Ashling and the immediate surroundings are automatically members, there are no fees.  The elected Committee meet approximately four times a year.

Link to EAA Constitution

Link to Village Annual Report


In 2011 a group of residents concerned about the ever increasing volume of fast moving traffic through the village formed the East Ashling Traffic Action Group (EATAG).

For the Royal Wedding in 2011 and for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 a number of residents joined together to organise village parties to celebrate the occasions.  These were very well attended and successful leading to the idea of repeating them annually.

Late in 2012 these activities (Social and Traffic) were swept together to form a more broadly based Association – the East Ashling Association.

The Aim of the Association is to ‘Promote, organise and progress activities considered by the residents desirable to improve the conditions and community spirit of the village’.   A copy of the Association’s Constitution can be found via the link above.

There are five working groups, each with a leader who is a member of the main committee; they are:

  • Traffic (EATAG) – Bob Money
  • Social – Jo Laird and Nick Doll
  • Pathways and the Environment – Pamela Miles
  • Local History (Temporarily suspended)
  • Community and Neighbourhood watch – Geoffrey Boys

One of the key tenets of the Association is to work flexibly and closely with our Parish, District and County Councils for it is recognised that without their support little can be achieved.  The recent selection of two residents to join the Parish Council (Geoffrey Boys and David Ash) in addition to our existing, long-standing, member Ray Knight, is seen as a very positive step.

Some of the activities of the EAA:

  • Delivering a ‘Welcome’ newsletter to all newcomers to the village.
  • Sending ill-regular email “Updates” to residents to keep all informed of what is happening around us, see link above to back copies.
  • Fully supporting the Traffic (EATAG) group in their efforts to reduce the volume and speed of vehicles through the village.
  • Arranging village social events, in 2012 there was a Coffee Morning, Barn Dance and Fireworks party.
  • Attending the monthly meeting of the Funtington Parish Council, subsequently circulating a brief report, to residents, of items potentially effecting East Ashling.
  • Distributing the ‘Villager’ magazine to all homes.
  • Campaigning to improve the footpaths through the village and immediate area.
  • Arranging parties of volunteers to clear particularly untidy spots in the village.
  • Encouraging support of the existing village Fuel Oil purchase group.
  • Co-ordinating volunteers to operate the Speed Indication Device (SID) to deter speeding traffic.

Questions, suggestions and comment in support of the Association’s Aim are always welcome, in the first instance these should be addressed to the Chairman Michael O’Connell  – 01243 575461,