Working Groups

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Much of the work of the Parish Council is done in working groups.

Amenities & Services (includes Elderly & Youth)
Members are Cllr. Wood,  Cllr. Keech, Cllr Medlam, Cllr Hodgkin, Mrs Sarah Titley (co-opted)...
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Community Planning, (incl. Emergency Planning, Parish Plans & housing)
W.G. Members are Cllr. la Hive, Cllr. Hoare, Cllr Hammond...
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Countryside (incl. South Downs N.P., Parish Walks & Allotments)
Members are Cllr Bateman (convener), Cllr Hayes...
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Finance & General Purposes (incl, Businesses & Broadband)
Members are Cllr. Keech (Convener),  Cllr Hammond, Cllr Wood, Parish Clerk.  ...
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Funtington Parish Website
Members are Cllr. Ash, Cllr. King, Mr G Boys (co-opted), Mr B. Bradley (co-opted) and Mrs J Laird (co-opted)...
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Minerals Plan Working Group
Members of the Minerals Plan Working Group are Cllr Keech, Cllr Hoare, Cllr Ash, Cllr King +...
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Parish Charity
Cllr. Knight In 2014 the Parish Councillor appointed four trustees: Gordon Quennell, Derek Grieshaber, Brian Craven, Ray Knight (FPC)...
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Parish Village Halls Liaison
Members are  Cllr. King, (convener),  Cllr Bateman, Cllr Hoare. Cllr. King is also a trustee of FDDC...
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Members are Cllr. Keech (Convener), Cllr. Medlam, Cllr. Hoare...
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