Funtington & District Village Hall

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The Funtington and District Village Hall AGM was held on Wednesday 23 May. As usual the major agenda item was the Chairman’s report. The main thrust of the report was the future of the Hall and the need for volunteers to come forward due to the fact that a number of trustees have, or will be, stepping down from their current roles.

  • Bookings Manager has stepped down from the role after a 5 year stint and despite calls for a volunteer to take on this role nobody has come forward
  • The Bookings Manager has also been the Treasurer for those years and is proposing to resign from this role
  • The Secretary has stepped down
  • One co-opted member of the committee has agreed to continue but this will be his last year
  • The Chairman is proposing to stand down – at the latest 2019

Therefore the Hall is, or will be. short of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and the key role of Bookings Manager, and cannot operate on this basis; as a registered charity, if it cannot operate legally (and this would be the case with all the vacancies) the Hall would have to close until the vacancies were filled or another option was found. It should be stressed that closure is not what any of the present trustees wishes to happen but the hall has to be able to operate within the legal parameters of the charity commission.

So, volunteers need to come forward now, at least before the end of July. Failing that, then a meeting of the Trustees will be called to consider the alternatives, with one being the closure of the Hall from the start of September.

If you could help please call Richard Tassell on 01243 575450 or 07885 781131 or send an email to .

Another key issue discussed was that the trustees have agreed to continue the informal arrangements with the school over parents/carers parking to deliver or pick up their children and the school has put an appropriate notice on their website




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  1. Geoffrey Boys says:

    In round figures, how much will be needed to do these six upgrades?

  2. Local Business says:

    We don’t know yet, that is why we are getting the quote – as referred to in the article

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