Funtington and District Village Hall (FDVH)

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The second meeting of the newly restructured FDVH committee was held on 25 October 2018 at which a number of matters relating to the refurbishment of the hall were discussed. Amongst those matters were (1) A first Scope of Works has been ¬†developed by the chairman. This will be presented to the Parish Council in November. (2) Friends of the Village Hall. This initiative is progressing well with a number of people/groups having ‘signed up’ to support the future of the hall e.g. Funtington Scouts have ‘adopted’ the attached garden and are going to continue to tend it. (3) Action in Rural Sussex. It was decided to continue membership as it affords access to a wealth of information and advice (4) Receipt of Community Infrastructure Levy received by the Parish Council. It was decided to put forward a bid against this, to ‘kick start’ the refurbishment fund. (5) Bookings Manager. Unfortunately, the committee member who had offered to undertake this position can longer fulfill the role. As such a replacement Bookings Manager is required.

The next meeting of the committee will be held early in December.

For further information, please contact Jane Mottershead, Chair of the Village Hall trustees.

More updates as more information becomes available- watch this space!!!!


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    We don’t know yet, that is why we are getting the quote – as referred to in the article

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