Funtington and District Village Hall (FDVH)

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Although it may appear to some, that not much is happening with the promised up-grade of the Funtington and District Village Hall, much is going on in the background.


The Village Hall Committee has been awarded the SDNP CIL payment of £23,794.08p, although the finer points of the award are yet to be finalised. In addition, work is being carried out to obtain consent from the Parish residents for the Parish Council to take out a public works loan, as was previously offered to the replacement village hall scheme. Please vote so your views can be gauged.

A sub-committee of the Village Hall Committee is being set up to look into available Grants, so if anyone has previous experience of Grant applications please get in touch with either Pat or myself.

Refurbishment plans:

Budget costs have been undertaken for some of the planned refurbishment work, and currently a proposed programme of the works, together with budget costs are being worked up, which  will identify fund raising requirements and enable an expenditure plan to be formulated.

Volunteers and Sub Committees:

Maintenance Volunteer

A volunteer who would be willing to take on the day to day maintenance of the village hall is being sought. This need not be onerous, it would require someone who is able to investigate when there is a problem, such as a leaking pipe or a heater not working, and to then take the necessary action to have the fault repaired and to be in attendance when the repairs are being carried out.

Fund Raising Sub-Committee

People to support Claire Abby and her fund raising ideas and to help her with community fund raising are needed

Grant Applications

Volunteers, with hopefully previous Grant Application experience, are required to form a sub-committee to investigate and apply for any Grant funding that is available and to work with the trustees of the village hall.

Refurbishment Sub-Committee

Volunteer Construction/Building industry professionals are also need to become part of a sub-committee. This sub-committee will, in the early stages, just be made up of building industry professionals who will work as a team to design and cost the following: a possible extension; new services and drainage to the hall; complete insulation and ventilation of the building; new heating, electrical and lighting systems; refurbished kitchen and W.C.s; and also ensure that all Health and Safety Regulations are properly adhered to. At a later stage a sub-committee who will be responsible for decorating and fitting out the refurbished hall will be necessary.

If you are able to help with any of the above please get in touch with either Pat Young ( or Jane Mottershead (

A meeting of all Village Hall Friends will be arranged as soon as possible and all current users  will be asked how they feel about what potential improvements to the hall and its facilities they would like made.



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