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The special meeting of the Parish Council, as mentioned in the last update, was held on Wednesday 19 July to discuss the next steps in the production of a Funtington Neighbourhood Plan. The Council is well aware that should such a Plan be developed it must, as the name implies, be a plan developed by and for our neighbourhood and should reflect those issues that are important to us all.

To ensure that any Plan meets those requirements and the views of the parishioners are taken into account it has been decided to undertake a Parish-wide survey. So, over the next couple of months, a simple survey will be developed and circulated. Before you complete the survey, it may be useful to check out those Plans already developed by other Parishes. For example,

There is further information on Neighbourhood Planning available from Chichester District Council

Neighbourhood Planning in the Chichester District Council




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Author:- Alison Hughes

2 Responses to Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Richard Edwards says:

    I currently live in Haresfoot Close and am interested in knowing more about the Parish plan and areas that have been already been designated as potential development sites and sites that have been proposed as potential development sites.
    Can you also confirm when the pre-submission plan will be presented to local inhabitants?
    Are you able to help?
    Many thanks
    Richard Edwards

  2. Geoffrey Boys says:

    An update from the Chairman from the Parish Council by the editor Geoffrey Boys

    There is currently a Village Plan which was prepared in 2004 and has been updated.

    So far as a neighbourhood plan is concerned, the Parish Council is currently collating information and will decide shortly whether to proceed with the preparation of a plan. The lead authority so far as Funtington is concerned is the South Downs National Park which has only recently published its proposals for a local plan and does not expect to be in a position to seek approval for its plan until 2017, that being some 2-21/2 years after the District Council which expects to seek approval later this year or early in 2015. We have been advised that a neighbourhood plan will not be approved until the lead authority’s local plan has been approved although there does appear to be a change of policy so far as approval of neighbourhood plans is concerned even though they have to conform with the lead authority’s local plan. In the absence of a local plan there will therefore be a high degree of uncertainty so far as a given neighbourhood plan is concerned if approval is sought.

    If the Parish Council does decide to proceed with a neighbourhood plan, which does seem probable, full consultation with the parishioners is required and is a prerequisite of an application for approval of a plan. So far as specific land use designation is concerned, no decisions have yet been made.

    G Keech

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