Connective Solutions Ltd

By June 3, 2015 October 31st, 2016 Advertisers, Technology Services

Connective Solutions offers experience based consultancy in the area of IT Application
Strategy – How do you best formulate a strategy and then turn it into a medium and long term plan of action?

Systems Architecture – How do some companies get it right, and then make their IT systems a competitive edge?

Major Programmes – How to get a major programme of work off the ground. What Methods, Governance, Organisation, Skills and Phasing lead to success?

Productivity – What are the drivers of productivity? How do you measure it? What are the trade-offs?

Outsourcing – What are the benefits and pitfalls? What type of work can you outsource and what should you retain? How do you organise and manage the work in an outsourced environment?

Risk and Mitigation – An alarming number of projects still fail. What are the root causes for this? How do you prevent the risks from materialising before it is too late?