Biomass Power Plant

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A pre-planning application consultative document has been published for the erection of a biomass power plant in Marlpit Lane immediately
to the north of the existing amenity tip. This matter is also in Westbourne Parish but may have visual, pollution and traffic implications so far as this parish is concerned.
The proposed plant is relatively small, to generate 1.25 MW, will operate continuously 24 hours per day and when operational will require 4 deliveries of recycled wood daily and employ up to 15 people. No doubt we shall receive further details when an application is submitted.

I am pleased to inform you that Louise Goldsmith, our County Councillor, has made enquiries of the County Planning Officer and informs me that the proposed developer has decided not to procede with the development. I feel that this is a relief to us all. Many thanks for your observations and assistance.


2 Responses to Biomass Power Plant

  1. Martyn Edwards says:

    Many thanks for bringing this application to the attention of others. I believe it has significance and as such will be of interest to others within the Parish. The application is for a 7MW 24 hour generation facility; in addition to visual pollution, it will produce atmospheric emissions by burning screened waste wood and as stated in the application “it is preferable to have as tall a chimney as possible, but this desire has to be balanced against the need to minimise the visual impacts of the chimney” this would a dichotomy for careful consideration, in my belief. I am also assuming, subject to studies, the prevailing wind will bring Funtington into some part of the trail of anticipated atmospheric emissions – whatever is subsequently forecast and later experienced. The application also mentions planned mitigations against release of toxic dioxins into the atmosphere and heavy vehicle movements transferring from the A27, presumably via junctions at Emsworth or Fishbourne. Much for the careful scrutiny for others I feel and therefore please note the link to the application on the Chichester Planning Portal:

  2. Mark Knight says:

    During the last war, the big power stations were asked to switch off the flue gas cleaners ax a deterrent to enemy aircraft. Sixty years later, we are still suffering, not from the effects of enemy bombing, rather the damaged caused by the emissions. How very clever our planners are to even consider building a ‘biomass’ power plant in your locality so it’s emissions can destroy your lovely environment. We’ve just about cleaned up London, and us city walkers need somewhere to remind us of how filthy things can get. Biomass isn’t just a few holly logs in the grate, it’s actually industrial grade waste. Think on, not all wood is the same, Gran’s Hepplewhite table is one thing, but the MFI ‘veneered teak effect’ is rather different. I hope you can think green and do something else, appreciating that at first It won’t worry us that much, our kids might just thank us when their time comes.

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