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Jono Oswin has asked that the following information be published


Following the 2nd September meeting about the Intensive Pig and AD site, a Leadership Team, acting on behalf of Parishioners has now been established as promised.

The team includes Jono Oswin (Chair), Bob Mousley, Mandy Shepherd, Alan Chance (Treasurer) and Peter Williams. Our role is to carry out research, ask questions, conduct assessments, liaise with farm personnel and the authorities, and drive action from the farm to abate the nuisance being caused.


We will also be sitting on the Liaison Group set up by the farm, so we can represent residents, make their views heard, and report back to the community on what is being done. We are told the first meeting will be held shortly.



At present Environmental Health do not believe there is an issue.

It is of paramount importance that anyone who is bothered by smells, flies or traffic report this to Environmental Health.

It is only by everyone reporting incidents directly that they will understand the scale of the problem and be duty-bound to take action.

Please do this by emailing Kate Govey at kgovey@chichester.gov.uk and send her Diary Sheets which you can download from www.pigactiongroup.com



Please also note that the website has changed, and information and updates from the Leadership Team will be posted at www.pigactiongroup.com as well as on the Parish Council website.

If you would like to contact the Leadership Team please email pigactiongroup@gmail.com