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“We want to engage, listen, research and we will react where possible and seek to avoid causing nuisance to local villagers”

We wanted to write and firstly thank everybody who attended the village meeting on Monday evening. We found it a useful meeting and a great opportunity to meet some of our neighbours.

We took away your list of points and we wanted to update you with some of our first actions following the meeting.

  1. Traffic through the village
    1. We will be putting within our contractor policy that we have imposed a 20mph speed limit through the village and ask that they make all their drivers aware of it.
    2. Clearly labelling our machinery so you can identify our machinery so it can be identified if one has caused a problem.
    3. We will speak to other local agricultural businesses that traffic through the village is causing a nuisance for residents.
  2. Odour
    1. We will pay for and conduct a new odour modelling survey for the site to establish if there are any ways, we can improve our odours. We will keep you updated on the progress.
  3. Flies
    1. Speaking to our local Environmental health to find out if the fly increase is just a Funtington issue or if overall the region has seen an increase in flies.
    2. We would like to gather a sample of fly papers from those of you who have got an fly issue. We will then get the fly types identified and seek advice on action. If you could help by supplying us with used fly papers please could you get in touch with us.

A visit round our site was also requested which we would love to do so we are just arranging the details and we will send out the details as soon as they are finalised.


Our email address is so please get in touch with any concerns.