Planning permission has now been approved for the Village Hall alterations and extensions, which is very good news and more good news is that the Hall has, today, been awarded a grant of £5,000 from the Bernard Sunley Foundation.

So, together with other donations, there is now a total of £33,871.00p towards the refurbishment programme and the most recent monies have enabled the thermometer to be filled up a little bit more.

To date, grants have been applied for from: the SDNP; the Bernard Sunley Foundation (successful); the Big Lottery; the Coop; Tesco and a government funding scheme. In addition, application is about to made for grants from Chichester District Council and a share of some Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money from West Sussex County Council.

Offers of financial help have also been received from some local businesses.

There are lots of brilliant fund raising events being organised for the future, including the musical performance of ‘Separate Ways’, on 16 August (please contact Jane Mottershead if you would like tickets), so please continue to support us.

Jane and the Trustees are beginning to feel quite excited about the future improvements to our much loved village hall, as the proposed improvements become a huge step closer to becoming a reality.

Sheena King