Parish Consultation

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Parish Consultation 2018 

Why are we asking you to complete this questionnaire? 

The Parish Council is considering whether to update the Parish Plan, produced in 2011, and to consider whether a broader strategic plan is needed for Funtington Parish. There is no doubt that the future of our Parish is important to us all and this survey gives you a chance to let us know your views. To complete this survey you should be at least 18 years old. However, we would like your responses to be a reflection of the thoughts of the household rather than just one individual. 

The survey is in two parts: the first addresses broad strategic issues looking toward the future with the questions being largely copies of the type of questions used by other parish councils when consulting parishioners about their views on strategic issues. This part is the most challenging to respond to as it requires the respondent to look forward 15-20 years in time. If you have teenage children at home it is probably a good idea to involve them and any other members of your family in your discussions. 

The second part looks at more detailed issues and largely repeats the content of the last consultation carried out in 2011. This allows us to identify changes in residents’ views since that time. Some of the questions in the previous survey have been deleted where they are no longer relevant. 

The survey is available in two versions: online and an offline form. We would prefer that you complete the survey online as it makes the task of analysing responses so much easier. However, we accept that some of you do not use the internet and your views are just as important. So forms will be sent to all parishioners by post and you can decide whether to complete them on or offline. For those wishing to complete offline you can post your responses in the boxes available at the following locations; 

  • Horse & Groom, East Ashling 
  • Fox & Hounds, Funtington 
  • Richmond Arms, West Ashling 
  • Adsdean farm Shop, Adsdean 

Or to: The Parish Clerk, 22 Second Avenue, Southbourne, Emsworth, PO10 8HP 

Please complete and submit your responses by 30 November 2018. 

If you did not receive a hard copy of the survey, or know of a neighbour/friend in the parish that did not receive one, please contact the Parish Clerk  (  or tel: 07938 640665) as we have some spares.

Author:- FP Admin