Annual Precept 2018/2019

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The Parish Council has resolved to maintain the Parish Precept for the fourth year at £20,000.00. We have managed to do so, albeit that administrative, maintenance and management costs have increased, by reducing  the provision which we have been making in recent years to service the expected Public Works loan for the Village Hall grant which has resulted in an over large reserve being created. We have however managed to maintain investment in, for example, the provision of defibrillators throughout the Parish, by the judicious use of grant aid from both District Council and Lottery funds. We have resolved to make a further provision of £1,000.00 for footpath/bridleway maintenance and improvement as the Highway Authority, WSCC, has indicated that it intends to reduce its maintenance work to a minimum level a nd that any additional requirement will have to be provided locally. Although we have not done any detailed costings of the work which will have to be carried out to the footpath/bridleway network they are deteriorating rapidly and voluntary working parties may have to be called upon if funds prove to be insufficient.

From the February 2018 Parish Council Newsletter

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