Bogus Police Officers Target City

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Residents are being warned about bogus phone callers pretending to be police officers. The warning follows more than £20,000 being stolen from three residents in our area.

In a statement police said the fraud involves the pretend police officers getting people to hand over money to couriers. Police say that one elderly lady had a call on 4 September from a man who told her to send bank cards and cash to check for fingerprints as someone in her bank was involved. She withdrew £8,000 from her bank and handed it, together with her bank card and cheque book, to a courier two days later. Another elderly lady was told by a bogus officer that her pin number had been compromised in Scotland on 7 September. Over the following four days they got her to  withdraw £7,500 cash, which was given to couriers who came to her door on three separate occasions.

Anyone who has information about any such incidents is asked to report online or call the police on 101 quoting ‘Operation Signature’.

For further information on how to prevent fraud see

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