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DITCH THE PROBLEM – Riparian Ownership

Following feedback received via Operation Watershed from community groups, particularly parishes, WSCC has updated some helpful information to guide landowners and community groups around the tricky subject of Riparian Ownership and Responsibilities.

Keeping our watercourses well maintained benefits the community as a whole. If an area experiences constant flooding, this becomes a nuisance to the community, can restrict access to property, makes everyday living difficult and results in considerable expense and inconvenience for those that have been flooded.

There are various resources including a short film, leaflet and posters as well as more detailed guidance that can be printed and used in your community.

You can find the updated resources here:

We do have a small amount of printed leaflets, if you would like some to circulate please contact Operation Watershed:

Call to Action As part of your ongoing work to support reducing the risk of flood impacting residents in your local area, continued communication is key to raising awareness. The new material will provide useful practical information and guidance for landowners and residents.   When you have the opportunity please would you promote to your community groups and individuals in your area that information is available via the website.

A little more information in case you are not familiar with Riparian Ownership…

If you have a watercourse, ditch, stream, river or culvert on or next to your land you are known as a ‘riparian owner’. Riparian owners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of watercourses on their land to ensure that they are not a flood risk to other people or property.

Well maintained watercourses can significantly benefit the local community by reducing flood risk and creating habitats for wildlife.

The riparian responsibilities for landowners under law are to:

  • Ensure the flow of water is not obstructed or polluted
  • Maintain the bottom and sides of the watercourse (including managing any trees and vegetation growing on the banks)
  • Remove any obstructions, such as rubbish, fallen branches or garden waste
  • Maintain any structures (such as trash screens, culverts, weirs and mill gates) on it.

It is important to promote and support communities to look after the watercourses in the county and this information will provide a helpful resource for them.

Further information is available via the website and if you have a particular question relating to Operation Watershed please go to:

Or email:

Was your child born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015?

If so then he or she is eligible to start school in September 2019. Deadline for application is Tuesday 15 January. If your application is received after the deadline of Tuesday 15  January 2019 your chance of securing a place at one of your preference schools could be seriously affected.

Apply online!  It’s simple, convenient and time-saving.

You can apply online from Monday 1 October 2018 at:

Free internet access to apply online is available at all:

  • West Sussex libraries
  • Children and Family Centres

If you would like further advice or information contact:

03330 142 903

Calling all Funtington Parish Residents – We Need You

Plans are in place for a very large Community Project and with your help it can happen.

The new Village Hall Committee has decided that the tired old hall needs a new lease of life and some tlc., to turn it into a warm, inviting and loved community hub.

The Village Hall is YOURS. It is a community asset and it is there to be enjoyed by all, but your help is needed to get the hall fighting fit once again.

One of the first steps is to form a ‘Friends of the Village Hall’ group that would be involved in all aspects of the refurbishment of the hall and in discussions on how it would best serve the people of Funtington.

The Funtington and District Hall is your hall and it should be an asset that is loved, used and one of which the community can be proud. But, your help will be needed if those aims are to be achieved. There is a need to make the hall fit for purpose by updating all the facilities, altering the internal layout, improving the outside space as well as the external appearance so that it becomes a warm, comfortable and thriving community hub. Please contact Jane Mottershead, Chair of the Village Hall trustees for further information.

Sandy Lane Flooding

The County Council has carried out an appraisal of the flooding problem in Sandy Lane, East Ashling and has produced a specification. Quotations are being sought for the necessary work to be carried out, before applying for an Operation Watershed grant to enable the works to  proceed.

Residents urged to have their say over ‘long list’ of suggestions for A27

The leader of West Sussex County Council, Louise Goldsmith, today urged everyone to voice their opinion on the suggestions and ideas that could ease congestion on the A27. They have been collated from discussions by the Build a Better A27 group and range from smaller improvements to existing routes to whole new route plans that have not been discussed before.

The form for completion can be found in the Chichester Observer of Thursday 15 March 2018 and can be returned to a variety of places, including the Observer offices, County Hall and a number of libraries.

For more information, follow the link below and scroll down to find the article on the A27.

Your Energy Sussex – West Sussex County Council launches its own, local, not-for-profit energy supplier

West Sussex County Council has launched its own, local, not-for-profit energy supplier, called ‘Your Energy Sussex’, providing competitively-priced gas and electricity to homes across the county. The County Council is working on the initiative with district and borough councils across West Sussex and Louise Goldsmith, Leader of Chichester West Division of the County Council has asked that this news be shared across our community.

The aim is to encourage more of the residents to compare their energy costs, switch regularly and, ultimately, reduce their energy costs. The most recent figures from Ofgem show that the majority of energy customers have not switched their tariff or supplier in the last year and by doing so could save an average £300 per year.

‘Your Energy Sussex’ is different to other energy suppliers. It has established a Fuel Poverty Fund and uses its profits to support residents who are struggling to pay their energy bills. It also works hard to ensure its gas and electricity tariffs are always competitive and contacts customers by letter and phone to make sure they stay on their best energy tariff.

‘Your Energy Sussex’ will also help customers who stay in credit on their pre-payment meters to switch to a credit meter if they would like to, thus saving them money in the long term. Residents interested in getting a quote or switching to ‘Your Energy Sussex’ should visit or call 0800 952 0001.

Emsworth & District Motor Services announces the cessation of various bus routes as from 14 April 2018

Emsworth & District Motor Services is sorry to announce that the following bus services will no longer operate as from 14 April 2018

No 28: Southbourne -> Havant                                                                                                                                                                                  No 28A:  Southbourne -> Emsworth -> Horndean Technology School                                                                                                                No 635: Horndean Technology School -> Clanfield                                                                                                                                                No 636: Denmead -> Horndean Technology School                                                                                                                                               No  639: Clanfield -> Horndean -> Oaklands School -> Havant College                                                                                                           No 147: Rowlands Castle -> Bishop Luffa School

Sadly, these services are no longer economically viable to  operate. The loss of the Hampshire County Council revenue and the loss of government funding mean that the services have had to run commercially since July 2016 and, whilst, as a family firm, Emsworth and District Motor Services have tried their very best to continue to serve the local  community, the operating costs now exceed the revenue received. They do hope that the Government and Hampshire County Council will look at supporting Public Bus Services again.

The 54, 91, 92 and 93 services will continue to be operated by West Sussex County Council

February and March Road Works


Where: B2178 Southbrook Road to Moutheys Lane (2-way signals)

When: 20 February

Where: Stoke Road (stop/go boards) and West Ashling Road (multi-way signals)

When: 23 February

Why: Pothole Repairs


Where: Downs  Road, West Stoke from junction with Common Road and junction with Stoke Road

When: 2 March for a maximum of five days. 09:30 – 15:00

Why: Repair of potholes by Balfour Beatty

Note: The alternative route for traffic will be signed via Common Road to Moutheys Lane,  Stoke Road and vice versa. Emergency vehicle, residential and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

For any queries about these works, please contact Balfour Beatty on 01243 642105


Report it! – How does Love West Sussex and Love Clean Streets work?

With  more cutbacks to local services and increased anti-social behaviour it’s up to all to report problems to the authorities; technology makes it simple!

Love West Sussex is an award winning mobile and cloud based service. Parishioners can report environmental crime such as potholes, graffiti and fly-tipping or highways issues such as overgrown vegetation, damaged kerbs, footpaths and verges. Using the Love West Sussex site or app you are able to check on the progress of your report and any work being undertaken. You can sign up to the Love West Sussex website or download the free app to your smartphone. Whatever your choice, just follow the instructions on the screen.

Love Clean Streets is where you can also report an environmental issue such as abandoned cars, dog mess and many other categories. Again, log into the website or download the free app to your smartphone

The Dell and Southbrook Road Playground

THE DELL – We have been given an award by the Big Lottery to finance outdoor fitness equipment placed in The Dell recreation ground off Mill Road, West Ashling.

There are six pieces of equipment available to help towards an all-round workout. So do come and try it and have fun. Parking is in School Dell, alongside.

SOUTHBROOK ROAD – There is also a playground for the under 12s situated in Southbrook Road, West Ashling beside the Village Hall, so all members of the family are catered for within the parish.

Many thanks, enjoy  your holiday