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West Sussex County Council (WSCC) would like to make you aware of a public consultation currently running on proposed budget savings within the Library Service.


The public consultation closes on Wednesday 13 November. It asks people for their views on proposals to cease the mobile library service and to reduce the evening opening hours in the four main libraries (Chichester, Crawley, Horsham and Worthing) by one hour, from 7pm to 6pm from April 2020.


WSCC is keen for as many library users as possible to take part in the consultation and share their thoughts on the proposals.


The consultation will help inform the decision, due to be taken in November by the Cabinet Member for Fire and Rescue and Communities. The decision is one of a number of options being worked up to take forward in the 2020/21 budget to help meet the funding gap currently being faced.


To find out more and to take part, visit the Have Your Say web page. Please share this link with your communities to help us reach as many library users as possible.


If you need any further information, please contact Tom Batten –


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Jono Oswin has asked that the following information be published


Following the 2nd September meeting about the Intensive Pig and AD site, a Leadership Team, acting on behalf of Parishioners has now been established as promised.

The team includes Jono Oswin (Chair), Bob Mousley, Mandy Shepherd, Alan Chance (Treasurer) and Peter Williams. Our role is to carry out research, ask questions, conduct assessments, liaise with farm personnel and the authorities, and drive action from the farm to abate the nuisance being caused.


We will also be sitting on the Liaison Group set up by the farm, so we can represent residents, make their views heard, and report back to the community on what is being done. We are told the first meeting will be held shortly.



At present Environmental Health do not believe there is an issue.

It is of paramount importance that anyone who is bothered by smells, flies or traffic report this to Environmental Health.

It is only by everyone reporting incidents directly that they will understand the scale of the problem and be duty-bound to take action.

Please do this by emailing Kate Govey at and send her Diary Sheets which you can download from



Please also note that the website has changed, and information and updates from the Leadership Team will be posted at as well as on the Parish Council website.

If you would like to contact the Leadership Team please email

BROADLEY COPSE – October Update

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Following our last post we just wanted to give the parish a further update on some of the key issues we have been addressing.

  1. Traffic through the village
    1. Our contractor policy has now been reissued to all our contractors that detail the 20mph speed limit through the village and that white noise beepers must be used when on site.
    2. Our signs for our tractors and trailers are on order and so all ASH Farming tractors will soon be labelled and clearly identifiable.
    3. An email was sent round to local agricultural businesses detailing that traffic was a nuisance for the community so could they also ask drivers to be mindful of their speed.
  2. Odour
    1. We have now met with an odour specialist who we have now appointed to remodel the Broadley copse site and give suggestions if and where improvements can be made.
  3. Flies
    1. We know the weather change has resulted in some of you not needing to use fly papers but if you are, we would still like to gather a sample of fly papers to have the fly type assessed. If you could help by supplying us with used fly papers please could you get in touch with us.

Broadley Copse Liaison Group

We have been rethinking how we tackle the issues and that we need a more systematic approach. We have been speaking with the Parish council and would like to set up a Broadley Copse liaison group. This group will provide a two-way channel of communication between us and the local community, with the express objective of addressing specific concerns raised by local residents. Outline arrangements were discussed at the Parish council meeting on Wednesday 2 October; watch this space for further updates.


Our email address is so please get in touch with any concerns.


Ash Farming LLP

Basil Baird (Fareham) LTD

Broadley Energy LTD

Care and Support at Home – Consultation

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Around 1900 people across West Sussex currently receive care and support at home (domiciliary care), which is purchased for them by West Sussex County Council.

These contract arrangements for purchasing domiciliary care come to an end in January 2021. The Council has developed a new approach and residents are invited to share their views on the proposed new arrangements

Some of the priorities set out in the proposals include:

  • Focusing on peoples strengths and support networks;
  • Achieving a set of goals and outcomes;
  • Improving Council systems.

If you would like to have your say on the proposed arrangements you are encouraged to complete a survey which forms part of a wider programme of engagement around the provision of Care and Support for people who have eligible social care needs. The survey will close on Sunday 15 September 2019.

If you would like a copy of the consultation document and survey in an alternative format, such as Easy-Read please contact West Sussex County Council on 03302 224145 or via email to If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have the NGT app installed on your laptop, PC or smartphone, you can contact us on 18001 03302 224145.

The findings from the consultation will inform the decision being taken by the Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care in November 2019. 


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Residents may have noticed that, recently, Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are being used across the Parish. These devices deliver a clear message to approaching drivers, displaying their speed as a means to actively encourage safer driving and, as a recognisable piece of road equipment, they provide interactive feedback to drivers. Collecting, digitally storing and reviewing a range of vehicle speed data, will help to make informed road safety decisions where speed management is revealed as a priority.

A study of five sites (albeit undertaken by Transport for London) determined that, after the initial period of operation, all drivers reduced their speeds; whether they had been driving above or within the speed limit. However, as drivers became accustomed to the presence of the SID, only those driving above the speed limit tended to reduce their speed which, of course, is what most of us want. This ‘novelty’ effect was found to last about a week and then speeds slowly increased in the second week of observation.


Therefore, the study concluded that SIDs have been found to be effective at reducing vehicle speeds on 30mph roads but only when deployed for a short time. In light of that conclusion the SIDs in the Parish will remain at each site for at least two weeks and no longer than three weeks. Please see rota below, which covers the next few  months. Further rotas will be published as and when the position of the SIDs is going to be changed.


Aug 4 – Aug 25:      Mill Road Eastbound

Aug 31 – Sept 21:   Mill Road Westbound

Sept 21 – Oct 12:    Funtington Westbound

Oct 12 – Nov 9:       Funtington Eastbound

Nov 9 – Nov 30:     West Ashling Village Hall

Nov  30 – Dec 21:  West Ashling Southbound

Dec 21 – Jan 11:     Mill Road Eastbound

Jan 11 – Feb 1:        Mill Road Westbound

Feb 1 – Feb 22:       Funtington Eastbound

Feb 22 – Mar 14:    Funtington Westbound

Mar 14 – Apr 4:      Mill Rd Eastbound

Apr 4 – Apr 25:       Mill Rd Westbound


Please note: all data collected is anonymous and not attributed to any specific vehicles/drivers.